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Southgate Travels provides self-drive car rental in Trivandrum. Cars can be rented without a driver on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Pick up your car from our wide range in hatchbacks car rentals, SUV car rentals and sedan cars from our self-drive car rental in Trivandrum Our vehicles are safe, sound and well-maintained.

WHY Southgate SELF DRIVE CARS – Trivandrum?

At Southgate, we believe in customer convenience, flexibility, and cars you can trust. Choose from a wide range of vehicles. Our fleet is updated frequently so that you won’t get old cars anytime. Our team supports you 24 x 7. We guarantee you hassle-free service with minimal documentation.

Start exploring new places, distance yourself from the everyday chores for some time with self-drive cars in Trivandrum, get your backpacks done and have some beautiful time by catching up the road. Move ahead with Southgate Rent a car, start your trip and encapsulate your experience.

Ground-rule is to not drain your pocket so choose from Southgate Rent a Car
Trivandrum. Select what suits your budget and interest. Whether it is shopping, adventure, restaurants, falls, aquarium, lake, museum, sightseeing, amusement parks or whatever you prefer, You don’t need to have your own vehicle to enjoy your ride, while you can have SG self-drive car rental in Trivandrum We are one such reputed service provider of self-drive car rental with the decades of experience in the industry.

Quality of any product or service is the measure of its customer’s satisfaction. By Self drive car rental in Trivandrum, we are creating a big change in tourism. By keeping the idea of providing good quality service in the field of transportation one can easily rent a car. We are giving effective service in which people can feel the essence of traveling through complete delight.

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A strong and reliable leadership, aspiring yet deliberate decision making and pioneering ideas create great endeavors. As a company, Southgate travels is also built upon the foundation laid by those matchless qualities.


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